ALO Testimonials

Below is feedback from a selection of our customers.

“Luxure magazine is enormously grateful to ALO for their enthusiastic commitment and translation skills. Their intimate knowledge of both French and British culture is priceless.”
Reggie Anash, Editor-in-Chief, Luxure Magazine.
“Tom & Sally have been a great back up for us when things have not gone to plan. We had an unexpected flood and their language skills, efficiency and swift communication were a godsend in dealing with the insurance company, town hall and neighbours. They also helped us solve a complicated ongoing issue with EDF - we couldn’t have done it without them!”
Kim, Clive and Harriet, St Gildas-des-Bois, Loire-Atlantique. (44)
“Naively we thought our O’ level French and years of holidaying in France would stand us in good stead as home owners. . . until French bureaucracy kicked in. Overwhelmed by a mountain of letters that schoolboy French couldn’t make head nor tale of, Tom & Sally came to the rescue. We sometimes feel a little guilty that we have become so reliant on them, but they do take the worry away and allow us to enjoy our holiday home, which is the whole reason we decided to buy here.”
Tony and Pam, St Jacut-les-Pins, Morbihan (56)
“Sorting out the gardener and getting our satellite TV fixed was helpful. Interpreting during a recent medical appointment was indispensable. Worth their weight in gold!”
Steve, Questembert, Morbihan (56)
“Having worked before in England with Sally we had no hesitation in engaging Sally and Tom's services in their new roles in France. We have been delighted with the help that they have been able to give us in liaising with the French authorities and have been impressed with their swift and efficient organisation. They are both friendly, professional and reliable. We have no hesitation in recommending their services.”
Carole and Mike Bucktrout (ex Deputy and Headteacher) Caden, Morbihan. (56)
“Having purchased a house in Caden and unable to speak the language, we were struggling to proceed further. By chance we came across ALO and have dealt with them ever since. They have helped us with everything from translating at the Notaire’s concerning an exchange of land to finding a tree surgeon. Without the help of Tom & Sally we would never have got to where we are today.”
Gerald and Michelle. Caden, Morbihan (56)
“We arranged a meeting with Tom & Sally whilst on holiday in April 2006. We were so impressed with their professional approach and their reassurances that they could look after the house for us, that we signed up straight away. What a relief to find such a nice couple, in Tom & Sally. Since then they have far exceeded our expectations, and we are very pleased with the work that they have done for us, which includes key holding, change-over cleaning, translating, visiting the mairie, greeting guests, maintenance and property checks to name but a few. Nothing is too much trouble for the both of them; they are always quick to respond to any crisis with constant feedback. I would like to say that I have full confidence in Tom & Sally's abilities and that I can't fault them in the services that they offer and help that they have given us. Without them it would not be possible for us to own a property in France and live in the UK.”
Andy, Férel, Morbihan (56)

Whether its short, medium or long term, Sally and Tom will provide an efficient service to cater for all your needs. Don't worry in an emergency; they’re on the spot immediately and have contacts with local artisans who will solve any practical problems. Their linguistic skills are invaluable, they always do their best for clients.

John, Pont Mahé, Loire Atlantique. (44)
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